OverviewThis article will assist the organization determine whether the BrainStorm migration tool meets its needs. The organization should evaluate the criteria presented in this article before deciding to use the Migration Tool.  


Existing Account in the BrainStorm Platform:  

  • To avoid duplicate work, DO NOT perform Technical Configuration  until after it has been decided whether or not the Migration Tool will be used.  
  • Account names must be unique within the BrainStorm platform. It is recommended that the existing account be deleted before using the Migration Tool. If the organization determines that the existing account should be deleted then it should be named differently than the account that will be migrated. 
  • The Migration Tool will offer the option to transfer the following information:
    • Users
    • Roles
    • Groups
    • Custom Contents

Use the Migration Tool or Start with a Clean Slate:

The Migration Tool provides a snapshot instance, meaning:  

  • Updates done in the QuickHelp platform after the Migration Tool has been used will not be migrated to the BrainStorm platform.  
  • If the organization decides to use both platforms in parallel then changes to one platform will need to be manually changed in the other platform. 

Reasons to Use the Migration Tool 

  • Large amounts of Custom Content need to be transferred. 
  • There are custom User Groups that would be time-consuming to replicate in the BrainStorm platform even with replication of Automated Enrollment Criteria.  (Need more explanation) 
  • The organization has not built out a BrainStorm account, beyond basic features, and usability testing. 

Reasons Not to Use the Migration Tool: 

  •  The organization would like to start with a clean slate in the new platform 
  • A new account has already been built out and prepared for users in the BrainStorm platform. 
    • Recommendation: Options should be discussed with a CSM or a BrainStorm representative to determine the best path. 

Clean Slate: 

The objective of Clean Slate is to ensure Admin's organization has a fresh start with the most accurate and updated information. 

  • No information will be transferred from QuickHelp to the BrainStorm platform.
  • All data in BrainStorm will be implemented during the integration and setup process, this includes: 
    • User data from Graph integrations
    • Manually upload custom assets  

Partial Migration 

  • Only a few of the selections are chosen for transfer.  
  • This selected data can be transferred to provide a head start, and a basic account will be built. This is mostly used to transfer custom content but bring in users through the Microsoft Graph Integrations.  

Transfer Active Accounts Information with Migration Tool:   

Active Accounts Only
Company Name
Company Logo
Account Alias
Primary Contact Information 
Pack License Count & Expiration Date
Content Add-On (If Admins can add Custom Content)

Additional Information that can be Transferred:  

Active Users

Active Users Data
First Name
Last Name
Job Title
Date Created (This will be the day of migration)
Bypass Single Sign-On option

User Roles 

User RolesUser Roles from QuickHelp to the BrainStorm platform will migrate and be redefined to appropriate user types in the BrainStorm platform. Click here to learn more about user roles in the BrainStorm.


Manually Created Groups
Coming soon.
Auto-enrollment Groups
These will not maintain their enrollment criteria, but end users will move. Admins cannot re-enable the same enrollment criteria but will need to create another new Group to create automated Groups in BrainStorm.
  • Title
  • Description
  • Owner
  • Visibility in End-User Portal
  • Access (Approval needed to access the Group)

Custom Content

Custom Content
  • Video and PDF types
  • All content (published or not)
  • Content will be transferred into a DRAFT mode version in BrainStorm 
What Custom Contents will transfer?  
  • Topic to Software Application
  • Category to Label
  • Title to Title
  • Description to Description
  • FileName to FileName
  • Video File to Video File
  • Image to Thumbnail 
  • Closed Captions to Closed Caption File